Are You Ready For Your Next Relationship?

Are You Ready For Your Next Relationship? Everyone has goals and dreams in life.  Now suppose someone snapped their fingers […]

Are You Ready For Your Next Relationship?

Everyone has goals and dreams in life.  Now suppose someone snapped their fingers and you received all you wished for.  Would you be ready?  Sure you want a million dollars, houses, cars, kids, pets but do you have a plan to manage it?

Before you dive into a relationship or even make yourself available to do so, you must have your own life in order.  Relationships have the funny effect of bringing people’s problems to the surface so the time to address them is now while you are single.

Health & wellness.  The most important aspect we can control in our life is our health.  If we make wise decisions, modern medicine says we all have the ability to live well into our 90s.  Many people claim this-or-that will contribute to longevity but the real measuring stick is statical data.  Science has proven what habits lead to an increased life.  They include maintaining the proper weight, a nutritional diet, exercising and walking daily, sleeping 8 hours, waking up/going to sleep the same time everyday, living with others, to things like wearing proper shoes and maintaining a proper posture.  Yes, even small things like posture matter.  Studies show poor posture constricts the organs in the body and can lead to an increased risk of heart disease.

For food, stay away from anything processed, only drink water, and eat foods in their most natural state as possible (raw is best).  Stay away from foods high in carbohydrates and eat several servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Being a positive person.  Do you look forward to the future and each upcoming day in life?  Do you enjoy your daily interactions with others?  If not, it is time to take a look at what is going on in your world and taking steps to change it.  Your next thought is based on your previous thoughts so if you let negative thoughts consume your mind they will start interfering with every aspect of your life.

On paper, make a list of all the things that are currently bringing negative energy.  Put a positive spin on them.  For example, instead of saying “I lost my job” say “Opportunity to enhance or change my career.”  Brainstorm all steps to take to fix the problem.  Be sure to get all your ideas down, you can narrow down and organize them later.  Which of these ideas can you put into place tomorrow?  Make a list and work on those.  The list might be long so focus on one or two of the most important things and make a daily effort to accomplish little tasks from your brainstorm.  For example, you want more friends.  Don’t harp on not having friends, instead start your day by telling yourself you are going to talk to 1 stranger and learn 3 things about them.  You will learn how to interact better with strangers and this will enable you to make genuine connections for potential friendships in the future.

Eliminating negative people from your life.  In life we are forced to interact with people who have poor attitudes, no empathy, lack of respect for others, are mean, and other negative traits.  It is best to identify and eliminate these individuals in your life.  The people around you should uplift and empower you, not knock you down or use you as their emotional punching bag.

Doing something you love.  If you currently don’t enjoy your work you are not alone.  We all have to put in work to live the lifestyle we want.  What is important is making changes to align yourself with a more suitable career.  Research and put together a new business, search for new jobs, or go to back to school in your free time.  If a career change is really important to you, you start making changes today.

Being nice to people.  I always believe in the philosophy of paying it forward.  You never know when it will come back full circle, and really who likes hanging out with a mean, asshole?  Listen to your friends when they need someone to talk to to, respect strangers, and be nice to the people in your life.  You want to enhance the lives of people around you, not bring them down.

Helping others and asking for help.  Everyone who has ever accomplished anything great in their life did so with the help of others.  Don’t be too proud or too shy to ask for help if you want to accomplish your goals in life.  At the same time, lend a hand to those who need help around you.  Even billionaires will tell you helping someone in need is one of the best feelings in life.

Live the present and plan for the future.  Looking back on the past is only useful to gain knowledge of who you are and who you want to be, those life lessons  Don’t waste time with regrets or beating yourself up over past events.  We are all humans and make mistakes.  Forgive yourself for your past and live your life in the present.  While in the present take steps to secure the vision for your future.  Your future self will thank you.

Conquering your fears.  If fear runs your life then you really aren’t living, just surviving.  Everyone is afraid at times, even the toughest boxers in the world fear when they walk into a fight.  The difference between success and failure is pushing past that fear.  Think of the positive things you will gain and learn about yourself by tackling fears outside of your comfort zone.  In the end the journey will be exciting and learn to not let fear override your decision making.

Always keep in mind changes in who we are don’t take effect overnight.  Stay positive!