10 Foods and Drinks to Avoid on Your First Date

10 Foods and Drinks to Avoid on Your First Date The last thing you want to do on your first […]

10 Foods and Drinks to Avoid on Your First Date

The last thing you want to do on your first date is to turn him/her off.  Eating certain foods make you look unattractive while other foods should be avoided on your first date because they make you smell or stain your teeth and tongue.

Garlic and Onions.  Unless your date has a garlic or onion fetish, avoid them.  These foods will make your breath kick harder than Chuck Norris.

Pickles.  Another smell to avoid is sour pickles.  The smell tends to linger after eating and might upset your date when it is time to get be intimate.

Red wine.  Turns your teeth and tongue red.  If you must insist on red wine on your date then order a glass of water to rinse your mouth with every few sips of red wine.   Just take a sip of water, swish it around your mouth making sure to move the water over your front teeth, and swallow.

Spicy foods.  This one could make you look bad three ways on your date.  Spicy foods can make you sweat, strong spices make your nose run, and they could upset your stomach.

Long pastas.  Especially ones in tomato based sauces.  Long pasta is hard to eat, you make noise clanking the silverware with the plate constantly, and you risk splashing yourself or your date with sauce.

Anything on the menu you cannot pronounce.  If you are not sure how to pronounce it, don’t order it.  The goal is to leave a good impression with your date, not appear uncultured and unintelligent.

Messy foods.  Wings, ribs, burgers loaded with toppings, fried chicken, crustaceans, corn on the cob, large pieces of watermelon, etc.  When I was in high school, I had a date where we ordered pizza for delivery.  I was shocked to see my date eat it.  The process was so messy my date used a towel as a napkin as my date licked their fingers and got pizza sauce everywhere.  Needless to say, it was a horrifying experience and real turn-off that made me decide to look for love elsewhere.

Green leafy vegetables and beans.  Be careful what greens you choose to eat on your date because the last thing you want is that piece of spinach, lettuce, or beans to stick to your teeth.  Make a point to discreetly rinse your mouth with water several times when on a dinner date to avoid these embarrassing moments.

No more than 2 or 3 alcoholic drinks.  Sure it is fine to kick back a few on your date but don’t be the one ordering shots to the dinner table or drink excessively.  It shows that you don’t have self control and can lead to poor decision throughout the date.

Foods that color the inside of your mouth.  Popsicles, certain candies, colored drinks like Kool-Aid, and similar dyed foods  color your tongue and teeth.  You do not want your date comparing you to a five year old with a lolly pop or worse have the tongue of George the Animal Steele.

Coffee.  Unless your date is specifically set at a coffeehouse, avoid it.  Coffee stains teeth and you can can smell someone who drank it once you are within 3 feet of them.